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Learn how the mind deals with mental stress, gathers new knowledge, and problem solving.  Libraries, museums, parks, art galleries, schools, and groups provide a lot of classes to learn and build skills.  What kind of learning programs are you interested in? Find out here!

 Current Efforts

13700229_1162859730436771_887914130865370048_nGeorge Washington Carver Community Garden

Not only do community gardens grow healthier and more affordable food options, but healthier neighborhoods too!  Coming together to work the soil for the collective good of the area forms bonds between people that may have never spoken but a few words to one another.  


Network da Berry

Network da Berry is an opportunity for you to discover new ways to: expand your business or project, connect resources, and build relationships with a diverse group of professionals.

520 Vision da Berry Fresh Market

West Side’s Farm Stand on 520 Hopkins Street

A combination of fresh produce market and job training program, da Berry Fresh will give back to the community in every aspect of it’s operation!  

Bunk Plaza Park Revitalization Project

This revitalization effort strives to provide a safe and vibrant community center in the west end!


Building Beauty Inside & Out

This program seeks to encourage & inspire young girls to be all that they desire to be.

Future Events

 Have a great idea?  Sami, the chairman for Education, is waiting to hear from you!  No idea is too small, no scope to big!

 Previous Events!

Tarts and Arts

Tarts & Arts

Tarts & Arts pulled together local visual and culinary artisans to share their talent with the community at large.