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About Us

Our mission is to strengthen the local economy by promoting small business development. Many residents leave Iberia Parish to spend their money. We think that our local economy would be stronger if there were more options available in town to meet the needs of the community. Therefore, we want to find ways to foster the creative entrepreneurial spirit, especially among the young.

Bolstering the economy has the added effect of re-branding Iberia as a destination for tourists and former residents wishing to return. For years people have left Iberia Parish following high school graduation to pursue opportunities elsewhere, and this “brain drain” has resulted in an overall decline for Iberia Parish. We want to lay out the welcome mat to the lost generations of Iberia residents. Further, we think that making New Iberia more hospitable to young residents will also make us a more appealing tourist destination. The kinds of recreational services and innovations that young professionals desire also appeal to travelers.

We also strive to enhance the diverse environmental assets of Iberia Parish. We want to preserve green spaces of Iberia Parish for agricultural, recreational and natural conservation uses and cultivate the network of cultural resources within it. Unlike Lafayette, New Iberia doesn’t have exurbs and suburbs– it is small, dense, and compact. The economy is agricultural and industrial and requires sustainable management practices and smart planning for issues of subsidence and flooding as we move into the next phase of development.

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